Climbing Mount Everest from Home

Climbing Mount Everest from Home

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St Johns Pre-School is a charity run pre-school and we rely heavily on the support of our community, as a result of Covid 19 our Pre-School has been hit very hard as I’m sure you can imagine, and coupled with the unfortunate situation that we are not entitled to any of the small business incentives or an 80% Furlough. As a result of this the ladies and myself are thinking of lots of innovative ways to ensure pre-school goes on for many years to come.

Both Emily and James created so many magical memories at this pre school and i hope for Elsie to go there as well. After talking about this today Emily decided she wanted to help and after been inspired by a family friend she has decided to climb the equivalent to Mount Everest. Emily will need to climb 58,070 steps, our stairs has 11 steps so over 10 days Emily will climb our stair case 264 times. Emily is very excited to be completing this challenge and we are extremely proud of her.

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